Customer Satisfaction at Thompson Creek Windows

The customer survey process is meant to measure all aspects of our performance in terms of customer satisfaction. So we're measuring how our initial consultation goes with the customer and what the reaction is to that, what their experience was like with our installation department or the people who are scheduling the work to be done, and the value and the quality of the product. I think it's very important that we get that feedback, and most of our customers do respond with that information.

Testimonial by Chris Core

Reviews & Customer Satisfaction

Testimonial by Ryan Zimmerman


We love the positive feedback we get – and most of it is [positive]. I even value the negative more than the positive though because that's really the feedback that helps us to improve, to find out where we might have made a mistake or let a customer down, and from that experience, we internalize that, go back to the managers and the departments where that happened, and we ask ourselves why did it happen and why won't it happen again. And if we can answer both those questions, then that was a valuable lesson.

People spend a lot of money investing in their home and in their windows and in their replacement projects, and when they do that, they don't want to have to spend any more later on. So we ask them to do it one time, and we're going to stand behind the product for as long as it's in their home.